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We have designed and built many different types of shuttles and escapements over the years. Whether your project requires part orientation, inspection, or to present your part to a new or existing machine, Automation Answers, Inc. has the experience to automate your process.


This is a two-up nest to accurately locate two different parts, lift them up to be gripped and placed onto an assembly machine.

O-Ring Shuttle

A simple shuttle loads an O-ring into a nest and positions it so that the pick and place can take it and place it onto customer’s machine.

Part Inspection and Shuttle

This assemble takes a part that is feeder bowl fed into an inline track, goes into the nest, inspected from the bottom, and then is rotated onto a moving conveyer. If the part was bad, the shuttle moves and allows the part to drop, if it is good, then the rotary actuator arm moves the part onto the moving conveyer.

Part Orientation Shuttle

This assembly is loaded by an inline track, checks if the part is facing the right direction and then gets loaded into the next station. If the part is facing the wrong direction, the nest rotates, and then can be pick and placed onto the assembly machine.

Part Orientation Assembly

Parts come down a vibratory track end to end, and enter the pin wheels. The part has holes at each end; one hole smaller than the other. When it enters the wheel, it can only load one way, and when the wheel rotates around, by a DC motor, it places their parts in the correct orientation to be placed in an existing machine.