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We have extensive experience building jigs and fixtures. Whether your product requires assembly, loading, testing, feeding or inspection, Automation Answers, Inc. has the experience to automate your process.

Spring Press and Check

This fixture is manually loaded with a spring in a cup. The nest is pushed forward to a press slide, then the operator pushes the buttons and the slide comes down to press the spring into the cup. As the operator pulls out the nest, the machine checks to make sure that the spring is pressed into the proper depth.

Press Fixture

This is a press fixture that holds 96 vials, and is manually indexed to press a part into the vial one row at a time, to a set depth.

Part Staging Fixture

This fixture allows an operator to load 4 plates with 96 parts each, into a holding fixture that gets loaded onto a machine for a pick and place operation.

Hand Loading Fixture

This fixture gets manually loaded with 8 inserts that is spring loaded in precise location. The fixture then gets rotated and placed onto a heated mold to be overmolded. The pins on the ends of the fixture aligns it to the mold. The blocks near the ends that make contact with the mold, insulate the fixture, to keep heat from the mold to transfer to the fixture.